How setup  Cayman  SPC fund  at low cost

How setup Cayman SPC fund at low cost


How setup  Cayman  SPC fund  at low cost

The Cayman Special Purpose Company (SPC) fund is a highly advantageous investment vehicle that offers numerous benefits to investors. This fund is required to be registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) and must have at least one Special Purpose (SP) entity.

One of the primary advantages of the Cayman SPC fund is its flexibility and versatility. It allows investors to establish a separate legal entity for each investment, thereby providing enhanced protection and insulation against potential liabilities. This structure ensures that the assets and liabilities of each SP entity are ring-fenced, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination and safeguarding the overall investment portfolio.

In terms of setup fees, the Cayman SPC fund entails an approximate cost of $15,000 USD. This fee covers the initial establishment of the fund and the necessary legal and administrative processes involved. Additionally, there are CIMA fees associated with the setup, amounting to approximately $23,000 USD. These fees cover the regulatory requirements and oversight provided by CIMA throughout the fund's establishment phase.

Furthermore, the Cayman SPC fund incurs annual administration fees totaling around $52,000 USD. These fees encompass various administrative tasks, including the calculation and reporting of the fund's Net Asset Value (NAV) on a monthly basis. The NAV represents the total value of the fund's assets minus its liabilities and is a crucial metric for investors to assess the fund's performance.

In addition to the annual administration fees, there are CIMA annual fees amounting to approximately $7,000 USD. These fees contribute to the ongoing regulatory supervision and compliance oversight provided by CIMA. It ensures that the Cayman SPC fund operates in accordance with the jurisdiction's laws and regulations, thereby maintaining its credibility and reputation.

Moreover, our services extend beyond the establishment of the Cayman SPC fund. We also offer assistance in setting up a fund management company. This additional service enables investors to have a dedicated entity responsible for managing and overseeing the operations of the fund. By availing this service, investors can benefit from our expertise and experience in fund management, ensuring efficient and effective decision-making processes.


Cayman SPC fund:

Should be registered with CIMA and has at least 1 SP

Set up fees: ~15,000 USD
CIMA fees for the set up: ~23,000 USD
Annual fees for administration: ~52,000 including monthly NAV
CIMA annual fees: ~7,000 USD
We can also help with setting up a fund management company

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